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The Client

Branch Out World creates educational resources for all families interested in extending their child's learning journey beyond the confines of the UK National Curriculum.

-The Goal-

The aim of this project was to design and create a website that would be used to sell educational resources to families.  After an in depth meeting with the client we managed to outline many themes that the client felt are very important to herself as well as her customers.

These included key words such as family, excitement, bright colours, enthusiasm etc

Initial sketches and wire frames were agreed upon  and designs were put into action.

We wanted to have a good balance of images and text throughout the website which we felt was important in connecting with the target audience, who would be mainly parent but also older children who may be more visually driven.

With over 25 different types of products available it was very important for the site to be easy to navigate and also keep consistency across multiple pages.


The end product is a website that is bright,energetic but still to the point and simple to use. The client was very happy with the results and has already reported an upturn in sales which make us very happy.




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