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The Client

Darren Fearnley is a photographer who has begun to hone his skills and decided to take the next step and have a dedicated space on the web do display his art and allow followers and potential clients to connect with him.

-The Goal-

The goal of this project was to create a basic brand identity and website for photographer Darren Fearnley.  A good starting point was looking over Darren's work to better understand his style and brand.

With a heavy focus on black and white photography as well as broken down urban environments we quickly got on the same page as far as direction.

The logo was a very important element so a lot of time as taken to sketch out and go through many iterations. Many typefaces were tried and tested alongside various designs until we found a logo we felt worked perfectly.

With this portfolio website we felt that minimalism was the key, so it was best to let the art work do the talking with simple bold layouts. Taking inspiration from the images a design decision was made to make the site mainly black and white. A decision that the client was more than happy with as it fit in and embolden his style and the contrast worked especially well with the colour photography that can be viewed in the gallery.


Overall this was a simple site which allowed us to really get involved in the identity of the clients work and help him get this across to his followers and of course potential customers.




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